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Sinners Saved
1 Cor. 6: 9-11


The Corinthians were immature, carnal, proud and conceited people. They were the most
problematic church in the New Testament. Just like us, they were sinners saved by grace. The Word
of God have given us a very vivid description that beyond reasonable doubt, they were really
children of God bound to heaven despite of their shortcomings, and their previous sinfulness. The
truth written in the Word of God is really wonderful. Indeed, we have a wonderful God who love us
and died for us sinners just like the Corinthians.

I. Their Lost Condition (1 Cor. 6:9)
A. The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God
1. They are declared to be unrighteous, meaning they are unjust even spiritually
2. The result of their being lost is that they cannot be “heir in the kingdom of God”.
They were cut off from God in this life no hope, no Christ, no future. (Eph. 2:1-3,

II. Their Sins
A. Who they are before they got saved?
1. Fornicators – Sexual immorality
2. Idolaters – worship and serving false gods
3. Adulterers – extramarital sexual unfaithfulness
4. Effeminate – Webster defines it as “having the qualities of the female sex; soft or
delicate to an unmanly degree; womanish.” The woman is supposed to be
effeminate, but 1 Cor. 6:9 refers to moral perversion. It refers to the passive,
feminine side of homosexuality.
5. Abusers of themselves with mankind – “Abusers of themselves with mankind”
refers to the rougher, masculine side of homosexuality. It refers to that which is
“against nature” (Rom. 1:26-27). The Greek word “arsenokoites” means “to lie
with, or to cohabit with, a male.” Matthew Henry, exemplifying the common
interpretation of this term in earlier centuries, identified “abusers of themselves
with mankind” with sodomy. “‘Effeminate’ and ‘abusers
6. Thieves – Those who steals and takes away from others
7. Covetous – Those whose greed desires what others have
8. Drunkards – Those who are addicted to alcohols and drinks
9. Revilers – Those who destroys with their tongues and hurt with their words
10. Extortioners – Those who steal indirectly and take unfair advantage of others.
B. The sins listed above is the same type of sins that are listed in the Ten
Commandments. Idolaters break the first and second commandment (Ex. 20:4-5).
Fornicators and adulterers break the seventh (Ex. 20:14). Thieves and extortioners
break the eighth (Ex. 20:15). The covetous break the tenth (Ex. 20:17). To break one
commandment is to break all of them (Jam. 2:10) and to break God’s
commandments is to be under divine wrath (Rom. 1:18).
C. Paul says “And such were some of you” meaning not all of them are wicked and
corrupt before they were saved. Others may be decent people living moral lives but
still unsaved.
D. How then can they enter the kingdom of God? By being born again. (Jn. 3:3)

Illustration 1: Deliverance of Various Kinds
Deliverance of various kinds, for example, deliverance from the enemy (Exod. 14:13). In the Bible it is
God who brings salvation from temporal as well as spiritual ills. Thus in the Gospels, referring to his
miraculous healings, Jesus sometimes says, “Your faith hath saved thee” meaning “healed you”
(Luke 18:42). Characteristically, the term refers to salvation from sin (Rom. 1:16; 1 Thess. 5:9).
Salvation means the decisive defeat of sin on the cross, but also victory over evil in a believer’s daily
life. Its full content will be realized only in the life to come (Heb. 9:28; 1 Pet. 1:5).
The Shaw Pocket Bible Handbook.

III. Who they are now?
A. They were saved. Now they are considered righteous.
1. “But ye are washed” — By faith and before God they were washed from their
sins in the blood of Christ (Tit. 3:5; Rev. 1:5). Baptism is a picture of this washing.
We see this in Acts 22:16. Paul washed away his sins by calling upon the name of
the Lord and his baptism signified and testified of this washing.
2. “But ye are sanctified” — By faith they were set apart from their former position
of condemnation into a new position of eternal blessing, set apart from the
devil’s family into God’s. To be sanctified is to be turned from the power of
Satan unto God (Acts 26:18).
3. “But ye are justified” — By faith they had been “declared righteous” on the basis
of the cross work of the Son of God (Rom. 3:24). Justification is a legal term. The
holy God, the great Judge of the universe, can declare believing sinners
righteous and free from guilt because Jesus took their place and was punished in
their stead and they subsequently stand clothed in His righteousness. Men are
justified by faith alone (Rom. 4:5) by the blood of Christ alone (Rom. 5:9).
4. “in the name of the Lord Jesus” — Every aspect of their salvation from beginning
to end is by and through Jesus Christ. He is both Lord and Saviour, which is the
meaning of the name “Jesus” (Mat. 1:21)
5. “and by the Spirit of God” — Salvation is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. He is
the One who draws, convicts, regenerates, seals, sanctifies (2 Th. 2:13), and
empowers. Every believer is sealed by the Holy Spirit when he believes (Eph.
B. We can clearly see from here that if a person continues in unrighteousness it is an
evidence that he has not been saved, because the believer is a new creature in
Christ. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things
are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Cor. 5:17).
C. We can also see here that God can save even the most wicked sinner. No one is so
bad and so wicked that the blood of Christ cannot wash them from their sin.
D. Sins committed from the past when we were yet sinners were all forgiven and
forgotten. (Heb. 8:12)

Illustration 2: Running from Sin
The story is told of a young girl who accepted Christ as her Savior and applied for membership in a
local church. “Were you a sinner before you received the Lord Jesus into your Life?” inquired an old
deacon. “Yes, sir,” she replied. “Well, are you still a sinner?” “To tell you the truth, I feel I’m a
greater sinner than ever.” “Then what real change have you experienced?” “I don’t quite know how
to explain it,” she said, “except I used to be a sinner running after sin, but now that I am saved I’m a
sinner running from sin!” she was received into the fellowship of the church, and she proved by her
consistent life that she was truly converted. Our Daily Bread

Illustration 3: The Rolls Royce
My friend Dr. Roy Gustafson has the finest illustration of justification I have ever heard. It seems that
there was a man in England who put his Rolls-Royce on a boat and went across to the continent to
go on a holiday. While he was driving around Europe, something happened to the motor of his car.
He cabled the Rolls-Royce people back in England and asked, “I’m having trouble with my car; what
do you suggest I do?” Well, the Rolls-Royce people flew a mechanic over! The mechanic repaired the
car and flew back to England and left the man to continue his holiday.
As you can imagine, the fellow was wondering, “How much is this going to cost me?” So when he got
back to England, he wrote the people a letter and asked how much he owed them. He received a
letter from the office that read: “Dear Sir: There is no record anywhere in our files that anything ever
went wrong with a Rolls-Royce.” That is justification! W. Wiersbe, Key Words of the Christian Life

IV. Conclusion:
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. However due to what Jesus Christ
have done on the cross, we are now washed, sanctified, justified, in the name of the
Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of God. Will you receive Him now as your personal Saviour?
You should tomorrow may be too late.

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