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Powers in the Scriptures

Luke 7:11-17

Few days back as I open my e-mail, I saw on offer about funeral sermons. This made me think for I’ve been reading the Bible for so many years now yet I haven’t found yet how funeral service was done in Biblical Times. I have performed baptism but have not conducted funeral service yet. The irony is that Jesus and the apostles have not conducted any funeral service. Whenever Jesus came into contact with those who were dead He gave them life! The Bible records that Jesus raised three people from the dead: Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter, and the widow’s son. In our texts we find several great powers that are present.

I. The Power of Death.

A. It is a universal power.

1. Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

2. Death is no respecter of persons.

3. Death comes to all whether you are wise, fool, rich, poor, young, old, etc.

B. It is a power against which we cannot resist or escape.

1. This young man lived in Nain, and that name means “pleasant or lovely”.

2. But though he was young and lived in a lovely place, he had no power over death.

3. We buy things on this earth to keep us young and happy, we invent things to prolong life, but when the hour of death comes they are useless and cannot prolong life.

4. People go to the best doctors, to the best hospitals, to have the best treatments; but there comes a time when they say “we have done everything, there is no hope”. We stand by helpless before the power of death.

C. It is a mysterious power.

1. It comes when and where we least expect it.

2. I’ve seen soldiers who go to the battlefield expecting they will not return alive but they do comes back and survive even the fiercest battle.

3. While people who remained home never expecting death dies suddenly.

4. We must realize the power of death and prepare for it!

II. The Power of Love.

A. Love is the greatest power on earth.

1. The widow wept because she loves her son.

2. It was love that God’ sent His beloved son to die for us.

3. We have now the capability to destroy cities maybe even destroy the earth ; but we cannot destroy love.

4. Love can transform the life of even the worst sinner, a truth to which many of us can testify.

B. Love lightens the burdens of life.

1. The husband and father at work doesn’t mind the difficulties if he knows that those at home love and appreciate him for what he is doing.

2. The wife and mother doesn’t feel that the burdens are too heavy when she knows she is loved and appreciated.

C. Love goes on forever, it never dies

III. The Power of Tears.

A. Tears move us to compassion.

1. They moved Jesus at the side of that dead boy as He saw the sorrow of the mother.

2. He wept at the grave of Lazarus.

3. He wept over the city of Jerusalem.

4. He wept in the garden of Gethsamene.

B. Tears have power in soul-winning.

1. If we go to people casually, we’ll never win them to Christ.

2. NOTE: Psalm 126:5-6

3. We must have compassion for the lost and dying world around us.

C. We must weep.

1. Tears are the indication of the sorrow of the soul as our hearts break.

2. “Jesus wept.” is not only the shortest verse in the Bible, it is also one of the most powerful verses.

3. Paul wept night and day for three years, Samuel spent an entire night in tears over Saul’s disobedience, we must learn to weep again!

4. Robert Murray McCheyne, the great Scottish preacher, died at the age of thirty. When a man visited the church he had pastored to inquire as to the source of such great power in such a young man he was told, “When he came to the pulpit, the first thing he did was to put his head down on the and weep; then he stood to preach and won thousands to Christ through his tears!”

5. We must learn the power of tears!

IV. The Power of Christ.

A. There is power in His presence.

1. When He appears demons would flee from Him.

2. There was great power in His voice:

a. He spoke and this young man was alive again.

b. He calmed the raging storm and sea by the power in His voice.

c. When He spoke in the garden the very power of His voice caused the mob to fall to the ground.

d. There is still great power in His Word!

3. There was great power in His touch.

a. As He drew near to this funeral procession He touched the bier or coffin.

b. He touched broken bodies and restored them.

c. He touched the eyes of the blind and brought back their sight.

B. He has the power to save.

1. Perhaps the greatest power of Christ is in His blood atonement.

2. He was the satisfactory payment for the sin of mankind.

3. Through repentance and faith in His blood sacrifice the vilest of sinners can be cleansed.

4. “…Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Is. 1:18

V. Conclusion:

What a power the Lord Jesus Christ has. Only He can rescue you from the power of eternal death.

Christian, do you know the power of love? Are you motivated by His love for you? Are you moved with compassion because of your love for those who are without Christ? Have we lost the power of tears? Do you weep?

Preached: 17 November 2013

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