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Miraculous Darkness in Calvary

Matthew 27:45 Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.


The Bible is a book of miracles. Remove the miracles written and it will just be an ordinary book. Also the miracles written are events that cannot be duplicated or repeated by human beings. No one can bring back to life a man that is already physically dead for three days. No one can cure a man born blind or instantly heal a leprous man. No one can calm a raging sea or turn water into wine just by will, no verbal command needed. The Lord is so powerful and mighty that it is always good to talk about the miracles he did.

I. Darkness over all the land

1. Christ was crucified at the third hour (9:00 am) Mk. 15:25

2. Jewish reckoning of time starts at 6:00 am which is the first hour

3. There was darkness from the sixth hour (12:00 noon) till the ninth hour (3:00 pm).

4. The darkness was sudden, the Greek word and tense indicates that it was abrupt as if somebody had turned off the lights.

How intense the darkness is, the Bible did not tell us. What happened to the sun light? Nobody knows. Was it covered by dark clouds? The darkness lasted for three hours, from 12:00 noon till 3:00 pm. Some called this event midnight at noon day.

II. Five kinds of Darkness in the Bible

1. Physical Darkness – Gen. 1:2,

2. Supernatural – Ex. 10:21-22, Rev. 6:12.

3. Darkness that is figurative of Judgment and punishment – Mat. 8:12, Jude 1:6

4. Spiritual Blindness – Jn. 3:19, Eph. 5:8

5. Power of Darkness – Eph. 6:12, Col. 1:13

The supernatural darkness in the land of Egypt was so long it lasted for three days. The Egyptians were not able to neither do anything nor leave their homes due to the darkness that “which may be felt” (Ex. 10:21b). It must have been a horrifying experience not only for the adults but most of all to the children. The Egyptians most powerful lamp, even their sun God Ra, is no match to the power of Yahweh. There is coming judgment and sinners will be cast into outer darkness this should terrify us all, because the Bible says so and Jesus Christ is coming soon the judge the living and the dead.

III. Source of darkness in Calvary

1. Eclipse – Eclipse lasts only for minutes, darkness in Calvary lasted for 3 hours, so we reject this explanation

2. Natural event such as volcanic eruption, this is also unacceptable

3. Sand storm, dust storm – I’ve experienced sandstorms when I was working Libya, though it’s very hard to see because you must cover and protect your eyes from the sand, you still can see.

4. Miraculous act of God – this is the most logical explanation. The Lord holds the sun moon and the stars in his hand.

The darkness and other accompanying miracles during Christ’s crucifixion in Calvary was so extraordinary that the centurion and they that were with him watching feared greatly (Mat. 27:54).

IV. Significance

1. Darkness tells us the doom of unbelievers in Christ. Jn. 3:18-19.

2. To hide Christ’s sufferings to human eyes?

3. Symbol of darkness of human soul. Jn. 1:5, 3:19

V. Conclusion

Probably one of the most terrifying experiences of humans will be to be left alone in the dark where you cannot see anything and no one to talk to. Christ was left alone in the dark hanging on the cross to die for our sins. Abandoned by his friends and disciples He suffered and endured the pain and punishment that belongs to you and me. Only Jesus the light of the world can remove the darkness in our hearts and souls. Choose light, choose Christ.

Preached: 15 December 2013

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