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Look up for Heavenly Things

Col. 3:1-4


Chapter 3 of the Book of the Colossians is called the Hortatory section or the strong advice section. I would say it was the Christian living section. Chapter 1 and 2 are doctrinal while chapter 3 and 4 are practical. Theology is good but without application it’s as good as nothing. Application without theology is misguided religiousness which can also bring nothing. Today we will be looking at practical application.

I. Basis of heavenly walk

A. Because of our union with Christ in His resurrection, our manner of life should also be heavenly. Since we are risen with Christ, a positional truth expressed in this passage, God sees us as already both dead (2:20, buried (2:12), and raised in Christ. It is an eternal truth that can never be changed. It has nothing to do with our feelings. God just wants us to accept it by faith.

Jesus position seated at the right hand of God which is symbol of power and authority (Acts 2:33, Mat. 26:64, Heb. 1:13) is also an indication that He has finished our redemption and guarantees us of eternal glory. With this comes the responsibility “to seek those things which are above.

II. Be Spiritually minded

1. Things on earth consist of material things, temporary things, anything a man can be proud of. Prestige, properties and possessions, friends, comforts, etc. To sum it, in consist of the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life ( 1 Jn. 2:15). There is nothing wrong if you want to have a big house, lands, money, education. But if you always focus on this forgetting or sacrificing your time and duty to God, then you have a problem.

Most of us has materialistic tendency. Feels so good when you can buy anything you want, go wherever you want, eat and wear whatever you want, live as comfortably and luxuriously. It’s a sad thing that those people, who can never spend their money until they die, don’t even think of the sorrows of the sick and the poor, cannot even give a free food for the people who are dying of thirst and hunger and lastly would not even think of their own lost condition.

2. The things above consist of doing the Lord’s will, a Godlike character, treasures in heaven (Mat. 6:19-20, 33), living for Jesus. Brothers and sisters, are you heavenly minded or worldly minded? How much time do you spend praying and reading the Bible? How faithful are you in going to church and in giving? Do you invite people in the church or encourage a fellow believer who is having a hard time?

III. Why we have to do this? (v. 3 & 4).

1. Because of our dead to sin position in Christ, sin has no more claim on us. Rom. 6:14).

When we got saved, we died spiritually with Christ (Gal. 2:20). While it is hard to believe, it is as if we died with Christ when He was crucified 2000 years ago. Christ took our death by his death on the cross and now we live with Christ in God.

2. Because his life is now owned by Christ, it is now hid with Christ in God.

For me hidden in Christ is another term for our eternal security in Christ. At the point of our salvation, eternal life began and this eternal life goes on forever and will never end. God makes sure we are safe. Satan cannot do anything to separate us from God. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:31-39).

3. Because Christ’s appearance in glory will mean our appearance with Him in glory.

Christ will appear at the rapture (1 Thess. 4:16-18), then after that in the revelation he will visibly show himself with God’s glory. Christian do you look forward to Christ’s coming to take us to Himself? If you do should you not look for heavenly things rather than earthly things? Christ is preparing a home for us in heaven not just an ordinary home but a mansion (Jn. 14:2), our treasure is there and our hope is there. Christian’s final destination is not here on earth but in heaven where Christ is.


Now that we are saved by the death of Christ on the cross, we must be heavenly minded. There’s nothing wrong for having good things in life as long as your heart is not in it. Let’s be spiritually minded as instructed by the Word of God.

Preached: 19 May 2013

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