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King Manasseh

2 Chron. 33, 2 Kings 21

695- 642 BC


Who is the most evil man you can think of? Probably you will name Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam, Kaddafi, Osama, and many more. One of the most evil men I have ever known is a king. He a Jew, who is supposed to be God’s servant, but instead he became the most evil king who disobeyed God in all aspect of his life. Tradition says, he killed the prophet Isaiah by sawing his body. However, his wicked days and foolishness has an end. Here is a wonderful story of how our Lord loves and readily forgives a sinner who repents from his sins and fully trusts in Him.

I. His Godly father and early reign- Son of King Hezekiah a Godly king, reigned at 12 years old – 55 years in Jerusalem

II. Definitions:

1. Heathen – Anybody who is not a Jew is considered heathen by them.

2. Abomination – object of extreme dislike, detest or hatred.

3. Baalim – plural of Baal the principal God of the Phoenicians-identical with Molech – known to Israelites as Baal-peor- sun god.

4. Groves – wooden image associated with Ashera or Astarte – sensual Canaanites Goddess associated with fertility.

5. Enchant – to cast a spell over, bewitch

6. Witchcraft – practices of witches, magic; sorcery.

7. Wizard – One who practices magic; a sorcerer or magician

8. Charmer – one who fascinates and subdues noxious animals or men, such as the famous serpent-charmers of the East

9. consulter with familiar spirits – a wizard – compare Lev. 9:31

10. Necromancer- one that inquiries of the dead, or seeks instruction from them,

III. Sins Of Manasseh

1. Served other gods v. 3

2. Desecrated the temple v. 4 ( sacred place )

3. Worshipped the hosts of heaven v. 5- prohibited Deut 4: 19, 17:2-5

4. Caused his children to pass thru the fire- human sacrifices- burning of children prohibited- Lev. 18:21

5. Observed times used enchantments etc- v 6. not allowed in Deut.18:9-12, Lev. 19:31

6. Caused the people of Jerusalem to sin v.9

7. Stubbornness despite of warnings v. 10- prophets like Hosea, Joel, Nahum, Habakkuk, Isaiah warned him. v. 8

8. Murder of innocents- 2 Kings 21:16- killed the prophet Isaiah by sawing him.

IV. His Punishments

1. Kingdom taken from him & was transported to Babylon in fetters.

2. He was in affliction v. 12

V. Changes in his life

1. Besought the Lord v. 12

2. Humbled himself greatly

3. Prayed v. 13

4. God heard his prayers v. 13

5. Religious reform v. 14 –16 –commanded Judah to serve the Lord God of Israel.

VI. Conclusion:

Truly King Manasseh was an evil man no doubt about it. But God sets the time, and gives warning to sinners before they are punished. For me King Manasseh is the best example of a sinner who came to Christ and Got saved. Will you come to Christ now? Repent from your sins and trust Him. He is waiting for you.

Preached: 2 June 2013

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