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Different Talents

Matt. 25:14-30


Few weeks back I was asked to preach in a church. It was a humbling experience and a privilege to be able to share the word of God to that church. While delivering the message, I humbly pray that the Lord will bless the message and He did. By their response and reaction I knew in my heart that they understand the message and that they were blessed. After the sermon as I shake their hands, somebody has said, “it’s always good to have different a menu” in which I responded “amen”. I know their Pastor very well how good he is and how “low” I am in comparison. But what we fail to realized is that each and every one of us has different talent. Here in our text today, the master has gone into a far country and has given talents to his servants to his servants to trade for him in his absence.

I. What the talents are

A. These are not abilities (a talent is a weight, which later becomes a large unit of money).

B. They are responsibilities the Lord has given to His people in the light of their abilities and opportunities.

C. It is not a talent in the way we usually use the word nowadays.

D. It is not a gift as if we control it.

E. It is actually an investment which the Master makes in us His servants, which He wants us to put into use.

The main point of the parable is the faithfulness towards an absent master who will one day return and will want to know about the business we have conducted.

II. General Rule

A. All people are not the same.

B. While it is true that God is no respecter of person, we are not all the same.

C. Some are more privileged, and some are not.

D. Some are smarter, richer, lesser sufferings than others. There will be poor always.

E. Even in God’s service, some Pastors will have bigger ministries; win more souls to Christ, more popular, more talented, and maybe even more spiritually gifted.

F. Again the main point here is to be faithful to the Lord for whatever things He has given us. Do our best for the Master.

III. Our Best is good enough

A. In Our text, five talents and two talents are not equal gifts

1. This is how God works

2. I cannot be Charles Stanley or a Dean in a Bible College or be a TV evangelist.

3. I am me and I must work with what God has given me.

4. I may never have the kind of ministries that those men have. But, God doesn’t expect me to.

5. All he expects from me is my best.

B. In the Bible:

1. The five talent man produced five talents, and the two produced two.

2. Each did his best with what God gave him.

3. Look at God’s attitude, He gives them the same reward!

4. Truth: Our best good enough, no matter how little it is.

C. C. If we learn this, it will revolutionize our Christian life.

1. God gives some more ability than others.

2. Many folks go through life miserable and unsatisfied.

3. They are always comparing themselves with others who have more or who do more.

4. The Bible says that’s not wise.

2 Corinthians 10:12 For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

5. Listen, God will not judge us by someone else’s ability, but by our own.

6. The question is not ‘Are we doing as good as brother so & so?’

7. But, ‘Are we doing our best with what God has given us?’

8. Note the example of the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44

a. Her best was much less than others.

b. But Jesus said she gave more than any.

c. Because she gave her best.

d. Our best is good enough, no matter how little it may be.

IV. II. Anything Less Than Our Best Is Not Good Enough…No Matter How Great It Is! Read: Mt. 25:24-25

A. His problem: He didn’t see the Lord as fair.

1. He no doubt felt he had been slighted

2. Since he didn’t get five, then didn’t do anything, and justified himself with excuses.

3. God doesn’t accept excuses from us whether we are rich or poor.

B. Consider Annanias and Sapphira. Read: Acts 4:32–5:4

1. They were wealthy landowners, and probably gave more than most others.

2. But they held back, and gave less than their best.

a. Anything less than our best is not good enough.

b. In fact, it is lying to God.

3. Anything less than best in whatever area of our lives you want to consider.

a. S.S. teachers and workers.

b. Junior church workers.

c. Choir members.

d. Teens in youth department.

e. All of us in our giving, praying, or service.

When God looked down on a lost and condemned world, He gave us his best. His only begotten Son. Surely I can give my best to Him. Will I? Will you?

Preached : 09 December 2013

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