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Gospel Bible Baptist Church Events

gospel bible’s current event listing


What’s On?

A. Our bible study “One year study in the life of Christ”. Covers the following

    • Early life of our Lord


    • The Year of Popularity


    • The Year of Opposition


    • The Last months


    • The Passion Week


    • The Risen Saviour


    • The Glorified Saviour


It’s a detailed study which includes maps, pictures, as well as videos for greater clarity that we may know our Lord Jesus Christ better. Important world news, especially about Israel (God’s Time Clock) will be seen here. In between these lessons we may have some Christian living issues and other things. We use power point presentation in all our Bible Studies.

B. Our present Sunday School  topic is about Exodus now.

C. Our Saturday Bible Studies topic now is about “Minor Prophets” . Invite your friends.

D. The venue of our Bible Study  is in  Glenfield Community Centre Room #7. We will now be starting at 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm every Saturday.

E. The injury on my right hand has been healed by the Lord. Thanks a lot for His healing power and grace and for your prayers. My left shoukder injury has healed so Praise the Lord for His mercy.

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